These days, multimedia is a necessity. People need a several-minute film images selling a product or idea. We also deal with such films designed for internet users, audiences, retailers and customers. We offer:

  • film recording of events, conferences, documentation and presentation of company activities,
  • creation of spots and film advertisements for television, film or online,
  • creation of attractive presentations and animations supplementing the film, presentation or advertisement,
  • we prepare film files on USB with an attractive menu, in different language versions using subtitles or voice-over.

Here is one example of a film production by ZAPOL Group. A film prepared for the Regional Water Management Board (RZGW) in Szczecin.

This is an informational and educational film whose aim is to inform the public of how important water is as a natural resource and in how many areas of our lives it is essential. At the same time, the film presents problems in water management resulting from human activities in nature which make it difficult to achieve “good water”, or a state as close to natural as possible. It also explains the main principles of water management planning as a means of achieving sustainable management of its reserves. The film also shows a lovely layout of water ecosystems and presents information connected with administration by RZGW in Szczecin.

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