All advertising activities start with CREATION. Our indispensable team of graphic designers will make even the boldest visions a reality. They possess combined competences in graphic design, typesetting and preparing files for print. Comprehensive service, from design, to execution and delivery of the final product is thus possible at ZAPOL Group. We save our clients money, as they can leave the middleman aside and do everything “under one roof”, with the guarantee of closely-monitored quality at every stage of the production process. We plan the layout for all types of publications: catalogues, books, annual reports and periodicals. We design all types of advertising materials; both indoor and outdoor.


We get ours from observing real life. We know that a colourful flyer can either end up under the leg of a wobbling table, or be voraciously scanned for information on the price and product description. The first quick glance determines how it will be used. A folder catches people’s attention if, in addition to its visual qualities, it also has a hidden utility, e.g. for sales specialists. A good book cover stands out among the other thousand on the shelf. Anything that is provocative or simply beautiful begs to be looked at and read, which is why ideas and aesthetics are so important to us.


We use all available printing technologies when creating graphic designs. During the creation process, we stay in constant contact with the client and continually update them on the work’s progress. In the event that given options (type of material, additional enhancement, e.g. embossing) cause the project to go over budget, we offer less expensive equivalents. . We offer graphic design for all of our services – from books to business cards, from websites to films, from a logo to the place and means of labelling any object.


“Typesetting” and “make-up” are ideas with a long history. In the past, the dominant printing technique was typography. The text was set from individual, most often lead type, or from lines made on a linotype machine. And the page was “made up” by laying the text in columns on the page. Nowadays, everything is done by computer through the use of specialist software. We use Adobe software at ZAPOL Group.
The layout preparation process is called DTP, or Desktop Publishing. One of its stages is the Prepress process, which involves setting bleed and crop marks to the final format. This ensures that page numbers, text or images are not cut off during the binding process.


An apprenticeship in the offset print shop and bindery is required for each member of the Design Studio at ZAPOL Group. This is an important factor shaping the work of the designer and his or her approach to design. Knowledge of the binding process and the nature of offset printing ensures that the designs made by ZAPOL Group are appropriate – and thus cheaper – in terms of production.
A well-prepared file forms the foundation of inexpensive and quick printing. It guarantees that the highest quality will be achieved. A properly saved and sent file doesn’t need additional employee intervention, eliminating the need for editing and thus avoiding mistakes as well. Commission ZAPOL Group to prepare your files for print – it will be done quickly, professionally, and error-free.

How to prepare files for print

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