ZAPOL Marketing Group (Grupa Reklamowa ZAPOL) offers printing and publishing services, prepares promotional materials and gifts, conducts marketing campaigns, designs multimedia projects (websites, videos), and organizes training, conferences, and special events in the areas of business, culture and politics. We honour values which are also appreciated by our clients: CREATIVITY, PROMPTNESS, TOP QUALITY.

Thanks to our experienced team of customer assistants, designers, printers, binders, logisticians and organizers, the services provided by ZAPOL Group (Grupa ZAPOL) are of the highest quality. Our clients enjoy our full availability. ZAPOL Group guarantees exemplary execution even of the most complicated orders. We skilfully combine the talents of our team members with the possibilities brought about by modern technologies. We continuously invest in our people and extensive machinery park. As ZAPOL Group we help our clients stay one step ahead of the competition. With us, our clients always complete their projects on time.