Hole drilling is a book binding process with the aim of achieving openings in stacks of paper materials, such as paper, card stock, cardboard. Drilling is done through the use of a “paper drill” equipped with a special hollow drill bit with one sharpened edge. The drill bits have various diameters, and the gauge of the openings can be individually adjusted.

Hole drilling may be applied to:

  • offset paper, coated paper, card stock, solid fibreboard, corrugated fibreboard or micro-flute board of any grammage,
  • materials which have been previously laminated.

Drilling is done on the following machines:

  • spindle drill, which allows use of drill bits of various diameters,
  • die cutting machine – thanks to the use of a die, in addition to creating openings, different blades can be used, e.g. a creasing blade or perforating blade.

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