Decorative print finishes add elegance and distinguish your product on the market.


Consists in the modification of the natural image of the outer layer of leather or fabric through moulding, pressing or rolling with special machinery. Embossing may be performed over the entire area of the dust jacket, in the form of individual prints, or in a designated area.

Types of embossing:

  • embossing, printing under pressure – adding motifs before colouring leather,
  • gilding – transferring an embossed image with gold leaf,
  • colour embossing – applying colour to the embossed image using film.


Decorative finishing processes most often used:

  • protection of individual surfaces with matte or gloss offset UV varnish,
  • application of UV varnish,
  • spot application of UV varnish to selected elements, e.g. a logo,
  • hot stamping of selected graphic elements or advertising slogans.


Hot stamping is one of the most popular decorative techniques in printing. Hot stamping is a printing technique which uses special foils and raised dies with the image we want to imprint on the printed product, e.g. folders, book covers, etc. The dies must be made from a material that conducts heat well, as temperature is an important factor in the hot stamping process. The process covers certain fragments of the substrate with a special metallic or coloured foil. The bottom layer of the foil is covered with a hot melt adhesive which, under the temperature transferred by the die, becomes active causes the foil to attach to the base when forced down by the press. Hot stamping is used for decorating business cards, company folders, book covers, magazine covers, catalogues, brochures, packaging and bags.

Hot stamping foil is made up of the following layers:

  • CARRIER – polyester layer which acts as a physical carrier for the remaining layers. The carrier layer has a thickness of 12 μm. It is important, as its quality determines if it can be properly put onto rolls and how it behaves in the machine.
  • RELEASE LAYER – this layer is made from silicone or hot melt wax. It allows the carrier layer to be separated from the remaining layers during the hot stamping process.
  • VARNISH – protects the stamp from various mechanical factors, such as rubbing.
  • ALUMINIUM – gives the foil its metallic sheen – obviously only to metallic foils, as there are also foils without this metallic effect.
  • GLUE – an adhesive layer which connects the layers to the substrate.

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