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Złote Lunety/Golden Telescopes 2013 Awarded

On 26 April 2013, the Golden Telescopes 2012 awards gala was held by Obserwator Morski magazine on the ship Dar Młodzieży by the Chrobry Embankment. The invitation-only event also included the release of the book Monografia Zachodniopomorskich Menadżerów [Monograph on West Pomeranian Managers]. The gala enjoyed great interest among the Szczecin business community, the sea trade and the media. more

Debate “What About That Job?”

20 June 2015 – Researchers, employers and employees, civil servants, university students, graduates and pupils took part in the debate “What about that job?” at Galeria Kaskada in Szczecin. An audience of over 150 people attended. How can you increase your competitiveness on the job market? Is it truly worth starting a professional career while still studying? Why are fresh graduates required to have a wealth of professional experience? The book Co z tą pracą? [What about that job?] is for sale at more

Expert Moto Show Szczecin

A week of the latest in motor vehicles at Galeria Kaskada. more

Book Promotion: Arkadiusz Gacparski…

14 February 2014 – Promotion of the book Arkadiusz Gacparski. Twórczość niedokończona [Arkadiusz Gacparski: Unfinished Work] was held at the Pomeranian Library auditorium. The book’s author is Iwona Gacparska, the artist’s widow. The book tells of the artist’s work, his passions and worldviews. The title is available at more

Signing of a Letter of Intent

10 June 2015 – a Letter of Intent on the merger of national ferry operators was signed. more

Book Release: W Szponach Gryfa… [In The Talons Of The Griffin…]

11 June 2014 – Release of the book W SZPONACH GRYFA. Szczecin i Pomorze Zachodnie – historia od kuchni [IN THE TALONS OF THE GRIFFIN: Szczecin and West Pomerania – a culinary history]. Nearly 120 pages of West Pomeranian history, freely and humorously blended with its culinary flavours, recipes and anecdotes about its residents. The culinary book is available at the online bookstore, as well as other locations. more

Szczecin Presidential Debate 2014

16 October 2014 – 2014 Presidential Debate at Galeria Kaskada, moderated by Michał Janicki. more

Press Conference

On 20 February 2015 the Szczecin and Świnoujście Seaports Authority S.A. (Zarząd Portów Szczecin-Świnoujście S.A.) Press Conference was held, during which the company results for the year 2014 were presented. more

Złote Lunety/Golden Telescopes 2015

14 June 2015 – We found out this year’s winners of the II edition of the Obserwator Morski magazine competition – “Golden Telescopes 2015”. On the deck of the ship Dar Młodzieży, we met the most distinguished people and companies who contributed in 2014 to the development of sea trade. “Golden Telescopes 2015” were again awarded in 4 categories: Company of the Year (Firma Roku), Person of the Year (Osobowość Roku), Event of the Year (Wydarzenie Roku) as well as Culture and Art (Kultura i Sztuka). more