Die cutting is also called shearing; this process consists in cutting out free, highly sophisticated and complicated shapes from soft materials, such as paper, card stock, or cardboard. The die cutting process is performed on die cutting machines, or die cutters. This is done with the use of a special die, a birch plywood panel on which slits are cut out with a laser. Cutting, creasing or perforating blades are placed, or rather beaten, into the slits burned out by the laser. Using laser-cut dies (slits burned out with a laser) allows us to be sure that the die faithfully represents the shape planned by the graphic designer.

In addition to cutting blades, we also have creasing blades, perforating blades and hole punches of various diameters at our disposal in the die cutting process. Thanks to such a variety of available tools, during one die cutting process we can perform most technological operations. ZAPOL Group has its own collection of dies, so the client doesn’t have to cover the cost of their production.

The following materials can be die cut:

  • paper, including coated paper – die cutting is used to produce flyers with complex shapes, door hangers, envelopes, paper bags, etc.,
  • self-adhesive films, self-adhesive paper – die cutting is used to produce labels, stickers,
  • card stock – die cutting is used to produce presentation folders, single unit packaging, tags, CD-DVD sleeves, POS materials, etc.,
  • corrugated fibreboard, micro-flute board – die cutting is used to produce grouped (secondary) packaging, micro-flute boxes, etc.,
  • litho laminated products – die cutting is used to produce company folders, packaging, POS materials. We die cut materials laminated on micro-flute board, corrugated fibreboard, even multi-wall fibreboard,
  • other soft artificial materials, such as Priplak

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